Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ibiza style

I have just arrived back from an amazing, very hectic / very drunken trip to the white isle of Ibiza. 

I absolutely love this holiday destination, with this year being my third visit. Obviously one of the main reasons to visit is for the outstanding nightlife. Ibiza is home to some of the worlds most amazing clubs and hosts the most fantastic DJ line ups. However, I was blown away by the events that occurred during the day.
First of all was the Ocean Beach Club, situated off the (not so nice) San Antonio beach. Having celebrated its first birthday this year, the beach club has certainly stepped up its game from when I visited the previous year. Dancers, acrobatics, DJ's and friendly waiters all surround you whilst you lap up the sun around the crystal clear pool. This is definitely the place to showcase your new and favourite bikini (we all have one). 

My other favourite place was Ushuaia. This was my first visit.... and it was incredible. Arriving around 6pm I was offered a highly fashionable vest top and greeted by an array of partyers in the pool.

The venue was perfect, beautiful pools, amazing (but pricey) drinks and awesome music (Swedish House Mafia).

.....But what was everyone wearing?.... Well there weren't any strong identifiable trends, although there were two items which appeared to be a must have Ibiza essential; Kaftans and Hi-tops!
Being a heels girl Hi-tops are not in my wardrobe repertoire, and for a holiday these seem an absurd footwear option. But actually they made perfect sense for Ibiza, as generally you will be in a heaving club where 
1, Your feet WILL get stood on
2, Your feet WILL get filthy
3, There is always the possibility of stepping on broken glass
So when I arrived home I had a look at the ones on offer....and maybe one day I may purchase some....just maybe though!

As for the kaftans, well it was the brighter the better. I saw everything from tie-dye to embellishment to tassels. Here are a few I am hoping to purchase for my next holiday....

Happy holidays!

H xx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Burberry Couple

Christopher Bailey's creative vision of using hot couple Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge is genius. Which other couple can emit the same levels of effortless cool so easily pulled off by the stunning pair?

Image from Vogue

Starring in the brands Autumn/Winter 13 campaign, shot by Mario Testino, this is the first time the couple have been photographed professionally together. A video campaign also accompanies the images, aptly named "The Crush".  Shot during London Fashion Week in February, the video, and its stars, perfectly encompass the British brand.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thicken those tresses

How would I describe my hair.... Well I suppose it depends which day you ask me, whether its obeying my commands or being an unruly mess! 

Generally I would have to admit that my hair is on the fine side and lacks any sort of volume required for a glamourous starlet appearance. Therefore I am continually on the look out for innovative products which claim to hold the miracle cure I so desperately require. As I am a qualified hairdresser I understand the importance of the quality of products that should be used on the hair. And yes, unfortunately I do buy into everything that claims to boost volume, or add shine, or boosts growth etc etc, you get the gist - I buy a lot of hair products! So anyway when I heard about Nioxin, the US product designed to help lifeless and thinning hair, which boasts fantastic claims and reviews, I knew I had to give it a go. 

The system has six different products, all numbered and designed to address different hair concerns, from fine hair to noticeably thinning. Currently I am using system 3 for fine and chemically treated hair. Basically if you purchase from a salon, they will recommend which system to use, otherwise, if like me you buy online, use the online consultation tool to advise you. 

So the main question - Does it work? Well I really love the products, my hair always feels soft and clean after use. Most importantly, yes I have noticed a difference in the weight of my hair. I do seem to achieve much more volume when styling and the rate of growth has certainly sped up. Obviously no product can achieve miracles, but I would definitely recommend Nioxin to anyone, male or female, with fine or thinning hair to give it ago. 

H xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Supermodels hit the runway for filming of The Face UK

Yesterday evening I had the amazing experience of witnessing THREE supermodels rock the runway for an intimate television recording. 

'The Face' is coming to the UK after the American TV series was an astounding hit over the water.
The show features wannabe supermodels battle it out through real life industry challenges, with the dream of landing an exclusive modelling contract with make up brand Max Factor and being crowed the 'Ultimate Face'. Additionally, each contestant has their own supermodel mentor to advise and guide them through the challenges.

I witnessed the recording for the final of the series, which saw the final three contestants walk the runway in a last attempt to win the show. The contestants then had the opportunity to walk the runway, for the first time, with their mentors.
So who were the supermodel mentors?..... (Drum roll please) Caroline Winberg, Erin O'Connor and the one and only Miss Naomi Campbell, who is also an executive producer of the show.

Image from Sky Living 
It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. O'Connor, Winberg and Campbell glided down the catwalk with effortless ease. They owned the clothes they showcased by bringing their own unique personality and obvious beauty to the stage.
Although Cara Delevingne may be considered a contender for the title of todays supermodel, no other models have come close to status these three international models, Campbell, Winberg & O'Connor, have inherited, and after witnessing their work first hand I completely understand why.

Cara Delevingne from Grazia
As I was quickly ushered out before the winner of The Face was revealed, I will just have to wait like everyone else to find out who took the crown (really hope it was my favourite!).
The Face will be aired on Sky Living in the summer.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My degree results...

I am so pleased to announce that it is official ..... I am now the proud owner of a........

First Class Honours Degree in Fashion Buying Management!!

So now is the hard part.... finding the perfect graduation dress, and of course shoes to match.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Wow, it has been a year since I last published a post on this blog and I must say I have missed it.
There was an extremely valid reason for my absence however, I was working hard finishing the final year of my Fashion Buying Management degree.
It is now all over, done and dusted (I will let you know my results when I find out). So I look forward to regularly updating the blog (if I remember how!) with all things fashion and fun.

H xx